What My Gym Looks Like – Episode 1

In my home, it’s so uncommon to have a full day that I can devote to renovations that they rarely take place.  But today was the exception, today was a blissful day full of no plans whatsoever.  So, obviously, I decided to spend the whole day starting on the updates to my in-home studio.

When we first moved in five years ago, the basement was finished (score!), but with some pretty shoddy craftsmanship and some glaring changes needing to be made.  We puttied the walls, primed to builder’s beige (from a very, very bright yellow), stuck in an old couch and a big TV and called it a den.  Naturally, my husband thought this was perfect and nothing more needed to be done.

Then, when I started training (myself at first), the basement needed some changes.  Mostly, we just added equipment and flooring.  Then more equipment.  Then got rid of the couch.  Then the TV.  We fully relocated the man cave upstairs, and I had the beginnings of my studio.

This gym is very beige. Also, there are dropcloths.

I’ve been wanting to do some updates and today was the day.  I decided to tackle the first round of painting today, nothing spectacular, just 3 coats on 4 walls.  And the stairwell.

I bought two different colours of blue paint and a couple of pails of white semi-gloss. 


I thought the light blue would be the base for all of the walls and then I would accent with the dark, but as I got into the job, I realized that for a basement, the light blue was too dark.  So I mixed my own and hoped for the best.

Made-up blue makes the basement look less like a basement.

I think it turned out okay.  The challenge was making the same colour every time I needed a new batch.

I also decided to paint one wall the light (dark) blue.  I’m going to use it as a feature wall, since there won’t be too much equipment in front of it.

It’s like watching paint dry…

Finally, I did some testing of the dark blue that I’m going to use for the stairs.  I am in love with it.  I’m going to coat the baseboards with it too, and use it for some cool stuff once the basic painting is all finished.

It’s Superman blue. And it’s awesome.

I’m pretty glad that I got the grunt work out of the way today while I had time.  Now, I can spend the whole week designing and planning the special touches that will make the studio look like MY studio.  Next up, stairs, feature wall, and CHALKBOARD PAINT.  So excited.  I’ll keep you posted.

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