New, Improved, and Good Enough

New site!  New blog post!  So many things have happened since November!

It’s been an unending winter here in Canada, and the cold, dreary weather, *might* have inspired yours truly to hibernate instead of blogging.  But no more!  It’s spring!  And all of the things are born in springtime, including my NEW WEBSITE!


I’ve had a raft of changes, challenges, and course corrections over the winter, and with change comes excitement.  Additionally, with change comes the teensiest bit of stress.

Now, there’s stress that revs you up and stress that shuts you down –

Productive stress – designing a new website.  Unproductive stress – staying up all night for days on end trying to get a new website to look perfect.

Productive stress – training and studying for incredible certifications (hello, SFG – nailed it! and NKT – working on nailing it!).  Unproductive stress – making yourself sick worrying that you don’t know enough, or haven’t trained enough to complete said certifications.

Productive stress – season planning with your derby league.  Unproductive stress – obsessing over every detail, and trying to micromanage areas that you have no control over.

Sense a theme?

Shaking things up is exciting, and absolutely necessary when it comes to keeping yourself out of a rut.  But trust me when I say, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

To be completely honest, I’ll admit that I’ve had this domain for a year, had a fully designed new site, but kept tweaking little details because I never had the sense that the site was perfect.  I would go over the content again and again trying to find that one piece to make it the most epic website that ever was.  And then, I scrapped it all, found a simple layout, and actually started writing again.  Searching for EPIC!  AWESOME! THE MOST COMPLETELY INCREDIBLE THING THAT EXISTS IN THE WHOLE WORLD! paralyzed me.  It made me so scared that my blog wouldn’t measure up that I stopped doing anything.

Chasing Perfect takes its toll on derby leagues too – how many times has someone in your league had a great idea, brought it up for debate with the board, or team, or committee, and because the best implementation plan wasn’t immediately found, the idea was put on the backburner, never to be mentioned again?   People, let’s settle for an easy way to implement new ideas, try them out, then refine them.

On a personal level, how many times have you tried out a new skill, struggled with it, and decided it just wasn’t a skill you needed?

This sort of thing happens all the time – whether it’s trying to find the most badass offskates training program, the leanest diet, the most efficient bouting schedule, or the coolest web layout – we spend so much time trying to find the best thing that we overlook the good-enough thing. And those good-enough things can very often end up being great.  Constantly seeking perfection is crazy-making.  There’s something to be said for plans that are simple and that get the job done.


At the amazing NKT course that I took in February, Dr. Kathy Dooley said something about her medical career that resonated strongly with me; “there’s a reason it’s called a practice”.  It’s unreasonable to expect perfection.  Even the medical professionals who we trust with life and limb are “practicing”.  Ongoing practice doesn’t make perfect – it makes more productive practice, and that’s where the real value is.

Don’t get stuck Chasing Perfect – whether it’s a new website, personal and professional development, or planning your season, find initial path that’s good enough, go for it, then keep on practicing.

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