What I’m Reading This Week: Leaving on a Jet Plane Edition


Just a quick one this week, since I’m jetting off to (hopefully somewhat) sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Beach Brawl!

Sun, sand, and super-amazing derby – what more could a girl want? This ginger, whose skin tone varies from neon-white to pinkish, will likely be staying away from the first two, but I am led to understand that less Casper-toned folks enjoy such things.

You might also be on a derby roadtrip this weekend, it is that time of year after all, so here’s some reading material to keep you busy during your travels –

First, a great tournament survival guide from Booty Quake, at Roller Derby Athletics.  I love her tip about remembering to take a post-bout jog to keep your muscles fresh for the next bout – we will be taking our evening jogs on the beach!

Next up, I’m asked time and time again about the best way to eat for various goals – fat loss being the usual suspect.  This detailed article from Mark Fisher is a must-read if you’re keen to learn more about the various dietary strategies out there to help you along.

Finally, if you’re on the road, you’ve read Mark’s article, and are looking for some tasty, yet healthful snacks, look no further than Oh She Glows – with 22 delicious looking vegan snacks.  Lots of these nibbles travel well – if you’re in my car, you can totally bring me either of the oat squares.

Whether you’re travelling or not, I hope your weekend is full of adventure!

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