Happy Championships, er, Hallowe’en!

Anders Lagerås, for Wikipedia

Anders Lagerås, for Wikipedia

It’s almost Halloween!  Time for cute costumes, mountains of candy, or, if you’re me – hiding from children and watching Championships!

If you haven’t yet, you can still get a ticket to watch from WFTDA TV, it’s going to be well worth the $20!  I can’t wait to see how things shake out this season!  There are so many teams really improving their game (especially the international teams!), I think there will be some really exciting match-ups (please refer to every single game happening Friday).

Also, I’m thrilled that there are so many international teams attending – 5 anthems, what?! It goes to show that derby is a growing sport, and that it is evolving everywhere.  I’ve enjoyed watching the style of play from Victorian Roller Derby League and Bear City – even watching their warm-ups was instructive.  I remember, at the K-W D2 tournament, watching the Germans spend their warm-up time puzzle-piecing their bodies together – just seeing which configurations would be most challenging to break, seeing where their walls fit together.  It was spell-binding.  I expect no less from them as they play in the D2 Championships.

Watching VRDL was great too – even through the stream, their energy was infectious and their blocking brought diamond formations to a new level.

I also had the pleasure of watching the MRDA Championships a couple of weekends ago, and I was hooked.  The men’s game has come so far in the past couple of years.  Their strategy work, their incredibly agile jammers, and their savvy play were a joy to watch.  I think men’s and women’s derby leagues have so much to learn from each other – I hope for lots of cooperation to come, it can only make all of us better skaters and players!

I can’t wait for Champs.  I’ll be rapt, notebook in hand, scribbling down everything I can remember.  It’s almost a shame that we take offseason right after Championships, since as a trainer, I’m always incredibly geared up about all of the advances in play that high-level teams are employing.

Finally, if you HAVE to go trick-or-treating, and can’t just watch the derbs, click on the pumpkin to read an article that I contributed to about how to make your trick-or-treating session into a training session.  I think it’s pretty clever, but I’m also pretty biased.

Halloween Pumpkin candy bucket for trick-or-treatingHappy Champs-o-we’en!

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