Little Bits of Joy

Today is a tough day.  So was yesterday.  And so will be tomorrow.  But when you’re feeling blue, there are little bits of joy in every day that will get you through – you just have to look for them.  They might not seem like much in the face of overwhelming sadness, but I promise you – they do add up over time.

My husband, Slim and I lost our little dog, Stella, our special girl, and our best friend yesterday.

Since this blog is about health and training, here’s my spin – traumatic life events can really throw you off your game.  No one deals with stress the same way, and that’s okay. But it helps to find ways to keep negative feelings from taking over.  For me at least, training helps to keep my mind and body busy.  When I’m down, I struggle to find an appetite, but having healthy stuff in my fridge and pantry that takes no time at all (cut veggies, nuts and seeds, pre-cooked meat) helps to remind me to at least eat something. Walking to clear your head is another big help.

Also, remember all of the people who care and are there to support you through your toughest times – when they offer you help, they actually mean it.

Today, I’m counting my recent bits of joy and holding them close.

Here’s what I’ve got:

  • The way the newly fallen snow glistens when the light hits it
  • The sound of Kipper’s snores and they way he presses into me when he sleeps
  • Making burgers from farm-fresh beef
  • The way that working out keeps your mind focused on your body and nothing else
  • Many really good cups of tea
  • Unexpected care packages, sunshine-y flowers, and sweet shared memories
  • The way that her coat and blanket still smell like her

Little rays of hope really help when things seem darkest.  Those are mine – what are yours?

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