Holiday Traditions: Remastered!

Every year, for as long as I can remember, my mom and I have made holiday truffles. They are ridiculously decadent, rich, and delicious.

They are also full of refined sugar.  These are their ingredients:


We also often add booze and candy to the insides or tops.

This year, I tried to put a new spin on a holiday classic – this year I made truffles, with a mind to ingredients that don’t come in a box.  Results?  Pretty darned tasty!


First, I minced some dates, put them in a saucepan on medium heat, and added water gradually to make date mush.


Then, since I’m fussy about texture, I blended them with my immersion blender.


Next, I added cocoa powder – enough to make it taste chocolatey, and almond flour – enough to make it hold its shape.  Then I separated the mixture into three bowls for truffle types – added walnuts, added dried cranberries, and au naturel.


Next, I put them all in the freezer for a day or so to set the insides.  Then, I rolled them into tiny balls, and froze them again.


Then, when I was ready for an hour or so of messy hands, I grabbed the innards from the freezer and got dippin’.  I dipped these truffles in the darkest chocolate I could get my hands on, and topped them with either walnuts, cranberries, or sea salt.


All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out.  They’re a little less dense (and taste a little more like dates) than my previous recipe, but they’re still awesome.

Keeping on plan nutritionally in the holiday season needn’t be so much about denying yourself things or feeling guilt, two things I struggle with all the time (as I’m sure lots of us do).  If you can re-frame your mindset and think of keeping on top of your food game as re-invention and experimentation, it can actually be a lot of fun (rather than a lot of stress).

If you’re interested in more yummy recipes, holiday tips, and nutritional info – head on over to Roller Derby Athletics, where I write for the Derby in the Kitchen posts!  Lots of exciting stuff to be found in All-Star Access – think of it as a holiday gift to yourself!

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  1. opps in the original picture – it is sweetened condensed milk not evaporated!!!

  2. Looks great! For the dipping chocolate, would it work to just melt down a regular bar of chocolate? For example, Lindt makes those dark bars that are 70%, 85%, 90% chocolate content. I’m just not sure if there’s a difference between that and baking chocolate 🙂

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