What I Learned From: The Smacktivist

This week’s post is late for a great reason- TCRD hosted a skills clinic this weekend featuring The Smacktivist, of the Ohio Rollergirls, and I had to wait until I had filled my brain full of knowledge so that I could share some of it with you. The Smacktivist was … Keep reading

How to Do Nothing

I’m a month into my knee injury.  It’s been a tough month, but could have been much worse – it could have not essentially been off-season, we could have had bouts, I could have missed a tournament, I could have had real-life stuff that couldn’t be interrupted. As far as … Keep reading

What I’m Reading Today: The Feel-Good Edition

Now that it’s fall and you can feel the chill coming into the air at night, we could all use some warm fuzzies.  Today’s readings are all about feeling good. Since my injury, I’ve been feeling down and have been wondering what I am without the use of a key … Keep reading

Bugging Out: My Foray into Entomophagy

I recently invested in some baking supplies.  Some high-protein baking supplies.  Some chirpy, jumpy, high-protein baking supplies.  I bought cricket flour. And I made banana bread. And it was fantastic. I started my journey into entomophagy gently – with bugs that came pre-ground into flour, which you can then add into your … Keep reading

Pain and Discomfort

I promise this won’t turn into a fully fledged injury blog, but the second week of my own injury has given me lots to think about. When I first hurt myself, I thought the initial phase would be the most challenging. That physically not being capable of moving around would … Keep reading

Shrinking the Change

Last week, I talked about not having time to train.  I gave some quick and dirty solutions – that’s all you need, right?  Just some ideas and you’re good to go?  And you’ll keep it up? Not always. Often when people say that they don’t have time to train (or … Keep reading

“But I Just Don’t Have Time To Train!”

I hear this line ALL THE TIME. And, people, I hear you.  We lead busy lives – we have jobs, some of us have kids, we make it to practice, and do our league jobs.  Where can we even find the time for the off-skates training that we need? I’m … Keep reading

Derby on our Doorstep

Tomorrow through Sunday, my league, Tri-City Roller Derby, will be hosting the very first WFTDA Playoff tournament to be held outside of the United States. That’s pretty darn cool.   The even cooler thing about the K-W tournament is that we have teams from 3 countries (Canada, US, and Germany) travelling to play. … Keep reading

So Many Cucumbers, I’m in a Pickle!

August, month of wonderful garden bounty!  And terrible gardening puns! This year, I tried my hand at growing cucumbers, and it was a resounding success!  I have more cucumbers than I know what to do with – much like my kale dilemma in years past. What’s a girl to do? … Keep reading