My Day at the Fitness Conference

Every August, I go to the CanFitPro conference – the largest fitness conference in Canada held by their major certifying body.  This year I chose to save my time and money and just went to the trade show.  I don’t think I made a poor choice. Fitness conferences and trade … Keep reading

Long Weekend, Short Recipes

It’s the Civic Holiday weekend here in Ontario, and folks are racing out of town to go camping and enjoy what’s left of the summer. Sadly, I’m not joining them, but I can make the most of the beautiful weather we’ve been having by putting together some awesome summer dishes … Keep reading

Summertime, Gettin’ to Derby Ain’t Easy

Ah summer, time for beaches and patios and gardening and weekend get-aways. What’s that?  You can’t because you have derby practice? What’s a dedicated skater to do?  Waste all this wonderful weather in a sweaty arena?  Ignore those summer jobs around the house, even though you’re not really bouting again … Keep reading

Eat, SLEEP, Derby

Derby skaters, you work hard to be monsters in your sport, right?  You give your time, energy, and attention to all things derby in hope of becoming more amazing?  If you’re reading this blog, you likely cross-train and try to eat well, or are at least interested in learning more … Keep reading

What I’m Reading This Week: Two Articles and a Recipe

I’m on the cusp of some exciting stuff with Booty Quake and Roller Derby Athletics, and am spending all of my free time getting ready for the amazingness that’s headed your way. As such, this week’s post is some great content from other people’s blogs. First up, former power lifter … Keep reading

What StrongFirst and Roller Derby Have in Common

Many times in this blog, I’ve mentioned my dual love of roller derby and hardstyle kettlebell training, but I’ve never really dissected why I think the two are a good fit. What does StrongFirst kettlebell training have in common with Roller Derby? Both celebrate (really) strong women. “At StrongFirst, we … Keep reading


It’s tough to get to the gym, right? It’s even tougher to make healthy food choices, mm-hm? That’s the messaging that we’re used to.  That fitness is hard, and requires constant self-denial and monitoring. In an evolutionary sense, fitness is a biological imperative.  Oxford defines it (in the biological sense) … Keep reading

Bout Day Bites

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about nutrition to fuel your game (and practice days) and covered the basics about when and what to eat. What I didn’t do is post any *actual food* suggestions, so that’s what today’s quickie post is about. What do you bring with you … Keep reading