What Really Matters at the End of the Season

Last night was TCRD’s year-end party.  Every season, I look forward to the our wrap-up, and the chance to share how proud I am of my team.  This year was no different.  My home team had a great, if brief, season.  The skaters all progressed, we played well together, and … Keep reading

Happy Championships, er, Hallowe’en!

It’s almost Halloween!  Time for cute costumes, mountains of candy, or, if you’re me – hiding from children and watching Championships! If you haven’t yet, you can still get a ticket to watch from WFTDA TV, it’s going to be well worth the $20!  I can’t wait to see how things … Keep reading

How to Do Nothing

I’m a month into my knee injury.  It’s been a tough month, but could have been much worse – it could have not essentially been off-season, we could have had bouts, I could have missed a tournament, I could have had real-life stuff that couldn’t be interrupted. As far as … Keep reading

Shrinking the Change

Last week, I talked about not having time to train.  I gave some quick and dirty solutions – that’s all you need, right?  Just some ideas and you’re good to go?  And you’ll keep it up? Not always. Often when people say that they don’t have time to train (or … Keep reading

Derby on our Doorstep

Tomorrow through Sunday, my league, Tri-City Roller Derby, will be hosting the very first WFTDA Playoff tournament to be held outside of the United States. That’s pretty darn cool.   The even cooler thing about the K-W tournament is that we have teams from 3 countries (Canada, US, and Germany) travelling to play. … Keep reading


It’s tough to get to the gym, right? It’s even tougher to make healthy food choices, mm-hm? That’s the messaging that we’re used to.  That fitness is hard, and requires constant self-denial and monitoring. In an evolutionary sense, fitness is a biological imperative.  Oxford defines it (in the biological sense) … Keep reading

New, Improved, and Good Enough

New site!  New blog post!  So many things have happened since November! It’s been an unending winter here in Canada, and the cold, dreary weather, *might* have inspired yours truly to hibernate instead of blogging.  But no more!  It’s spring!  And all of the things are born in springtime, including … Keep reading

Sex & Sports & Fitness, Oh My! (Part Two)

Sex sells.  Lots of things, in lots of different ways.  Our media is awash in lots of sexy, irrelevant advertising. In part one, I addressed how I’m pretty okay with using sex to sell women’s sports. Mostly because I think in time, more spectators who actually care about the sport … Keep reading

Sex and Sports and Fitness, Oh My! (Part One)

A recent article in the Daily Mail caught my eye.  I’m not on the Twitter, so I didn’t see any of it first hand, but 15th seeded French tennis player Marion Bartoli, who won June 6th’s Wimbledon final, was trolled like crazy on Twitter after winning the championship. The trolls … Keep reading