Fuel Your Game: Basic Nutrition for Busy Derby Skaters

It’s that time again: crazy-derby-every-weekend-season!  Most of us are probably bouting this weekend or, at the very least, recovering from last weekend’s bout.  In this whirlwind of activity – between practices, travel time, and pre-bout meetings – sometimes our well-planned athletic nutrition can go awry. I’m here with ten quick … Keep reading

What I’m Reading This Week: Leaving on a Jet Plane Edition

Just a quick one this week, since I’m jetting off to (hopefully somewhat) sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Beach Brawl! Sun, sand, and super-amazing derby – what more could a girl want? This ginger, whose skin tone varies from neon-white to pinkish, will likely be staying away from the first … Keep reading

KALE: It Is Super Good For You (even though it is gross)

Friends, let’s talk about kale. First of all, let’s get some things out of the way: 1 – I am captain of a roller derby team called the Venus Fly Tramps.  Historically, they have been known as the “crunchy-granola-hippy”  team of TCRG.  This does not make me queen of the … Keep reading

Summer Yummers

Didn’t even realize it had been over a month since my last post – oh summer derby season, why are you so crazy?  I’ve missed blogging, but the derby, she needs me. In the height of derby game season, it can be a challenge to keep things straight (your life, … Keep reading

I Hate Mornings (or, How I Eat and Get Out the Door Without Becoming a Monster)

  Garfield and I have a couple of things in common. First off, we both hate mornings. Secondly, we both love lasagna. Unfortunately (fortunately), now that I am a grown-up and am committed to building my business, I need to free up some extra time. And when better to do … Keep reading

How to Handle the Holidays

It’s that time of year again (though it does not look like it AT ALL in Southwestern Ontario).  A time of feasting and fun with family and friends.  A time to enjoy life, the company of others, and the bounty of the earth (and the supermarket, and grandma’s kitchen, and … Keep reading

Change – It’s What’s For Dinner!

So, I’ve ordered (and received, super quick!) the Precision Nutrition certification course.  I’ve been loving the way the Dr. Berardi thinks, speaks, and educates about nutrition.  I can’t wait to get started! Nutrition, portion control, and healthy eating habits have been a lifelong interest of mine, mostly because I find … Keep reading