Game Face

We have a big game this Saturday.  A BIG game.  A game my team has been preparing to win for years.  As such, I thought a pre-game tip was in order. So we’re clear, my team LOVES smiling.  We’re all sort of hippies, who like to bake and get along … Keep reading

F**king Derby!: The Science of Sport and Cursing

Sometimes, in derby, in the heat of the moment, we say bad words. Sometimes to our opponents, sometimes to our teammates, and sometimes, even sometimes, to the refs. And sometimes we feel bad that we lost control of our mouths like that. But what if it wasn’t our fault that … Keep reading

Headstrong? Roller Derby and Concussion Culture

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the headlines, but there’s been a (potentially) major break-through in concussion science.  Basically, U.S. scientists believe they have developed a way to detect CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), in living athletes.  CTE is a concussion-related brain disease, which can bring on depression, … Keep reading

The Mind is a Muscle

Yes, I know that structurally the brain is an organ, and is quite different from a muscle.  However, functionally, our minds are just like any other muscle in our bodies.  They need exercise, they need to be fed the right things, and they need rest occasionally. As an adult, trying … Keep reading

Change – It’s What’s For Dinner!

So, I’ve ordered (and received, super quick!) the Precision Nutrition certification course.  I’ve been loving the way the Dr. Berardi thinks, speaks, and educates about nutrition.  I can’t wait to get started! Nutrition, portion control, and healthy eating habits have been a lifelong interest of mine, mostly because I find … Keep reading

Selling the Sizzle But Not the Steak

There are lots crazy things out there in health-and-wellness-land:  Shake Weights, Free Flexors, this thing.  It can be tough to figure out the good information from the bad, especially for women.  Women are ripe for the picking when  it comes to diet and fitness marketing.  We need to be educated consumers … Keep reading

What I Learned At: The Canfitpro Conference 2012

Sorry I’m late with this one, lots of information to process – Last weekend, I had a whirlwind of a time in Toronto at the Canfitpro International Fitness and Club Business Conference.  Canfitpro is a HUGE conference.  Let me say that again, it is a HUGE conference.  Lots of sessions to choose from, … Keep reading

On the Road Again

I’m heading out to another conference this weekend.  This time it’s the Canfitpro Toronto International Conference. I’m pretty excited to get some serious learning in, and meet some cool fitness professionals. Since I’m busy getting packed and ready to go, here’s a post from Elsbeth Vaino, via the PTDC that … Keep reading

What I’m Reading Today

I seem to be on mental vacation this week, and can’t seem to find the time to clean my house, let alone update my blog.  Here are some links awesome people writing some fantastic posts:   There are times when we think that what we’re doing to train is the … Keep reading