It’s tough to get to the gym, right? It’s even tougher to make healthy food choices, mm-hm? That’s the messaging that we’re used to.  That fitness is hard, and requires constant self-denial and monitoring. In an evolutionary sense, fitness is a biological imperative.  Oxford defines it (in the biological sense) … Keep reading

The Triumvirate of Training

“What are you training for?” It’s a question you hear a lot in the gym (or the park or the trail or wherever it is you do your training).  And it’s a good question – what ARE we training for? Typically, with derby skaters the answer (or at least the … Keep reading

Strong Communities, Stronger Learning

Over the years, I’ve joined a variety of interest-based communities – the StrongFirst community, the NKT Scholar community, the Precision Nutrition community and, of course,  the derby community.  Each of these communities bring something unique to my life and learning. Derby is a prime example of community building in action … Keep reading

New, Improved, and Good Enough

New site!  New blog post!  So many things have happened since November! It’s been an unending winter here in Canada, and the cold, dreary weather, *might* have inspired yours truly to hibernate instead of blogging.  But no more!  It’s spring!  And all of the things are born in springtime, including … Keep reading

Check Yourself: Accountability Check #1

I turn 31 this Sunday.  Bear with me, things are going to get a little personal. I know that this is the blog where I give helpful advice on how best to achieve your goals, and how to keep your head about you in crazy derby space, and how to … Keep reading

I Hate Mornings (or, How I Eat and Get Out the Door Without Becoming a Monster)

  Garfield and I have a couple of things in common. First off, we both hate mornings. Secondly, we both love lasagna. Unfortunately (fortunately), now that I am a grown-up and am committed to building my business, I need to free up some extra time. And when better to do … Keep reading

Burn, Baby, Burn: Managing February Burnout

I’m pretty glad that February is a short month that ends today. It’s no secret, February can be a challenging month to stay motivated.  Especially when it snows.  And when the snow is heavy and wet.  And it clings to the trees, making it look really pretty from your window, … Keep reading

I Can See Clearly Now

I did something that I didn’t expect to do. It’s a little bit airy- fairy for my normal modus operandi. I made a vision board. It’s one of those things that “self-actualized” people tell you to do to clarify what’s important to you. When I first thought about making one, … Keep reading

How to Handle the Holidays

It’s that time of year again (though it does not look like it AT ALL in Southwestern Ontario).  A time of feasting and fun with family and friends.  A time to enjoy life, the company of others, and the bounty of the earth (and the supermarket, and grandma’s kitchen, and … Keep reading