The Mind is a Muscle

Yes, I know that structurally the brain is an organ, and is quite different from a muscle.  However, functionally, our minds are just like any other muscle in our bodies.  They need exercise, they need to be fed the right things, and they need rest occasionally. As an adult, trying … Keep reading

What I’m Reading Today: Off-Season Edition

Today’s post will be a super-short one.  I was working on a post about how I feel about derby and the off-season,  and then this beauty turned up: TUSH TELLS IT LIKE IT IS I so very much agree that we need to be taking breaks.  Actual ones. And I … Keep reading

The Dash of Badasses

Somehow, I got talked into doing this on Saturday: I’m pretty excited for the obstacles.  I love climbing on things and under things.  I like monkey bars and foam pits and ropes and tires.  Being a not-very-tall person, I was always, as my mother would say “into things”, crawling into … Keep reading

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Just a little post today. September is drawing to a close.  It’s been a challenging month to say the least.  Sometimes that happens.  Sometimes everything goes wrong.  Sometimes, as a wise woman I know recently said, “you just want to get into bed with all your clothes on and pull … Keep reading

Change – It’s What’s For Dinner!

So, I’ve ordered (and received, super quick!) the Precision Nutrition certification course.  I’ve been loving the way the Dr. Berardi thinks, speaks, and educates about nutrition.  I can’t wait to get started! Nutrition, portion control, and healthy eating habits have been a lifelong interest of mine, mostly because I find … Keep reading

Top Ten Reasons Why Group Exercise is Awesome

Group exercise. What does that make you think of?  Spin class at the gym?  An hour of stepping on and off something?  A camo-clad screamy drill sergeant bootcamp?  Tiny weight-clutching Bosu dance-robics? Group exercise may have a checkered past, but don’t we all?  Group exercise doesn’t have to be awful … Keep reading

Selling the Sizzle But Not the Steak

There are lots crazy things out there in health-and-wellness-land:  Shake Weights, Free Flexors, this thing.  It can be tough to figure out the good information from the bad, especially for women.  Women are ripe for the picking when  it comes to diet and fitness marketing.  We need to be educated consumers … Keep reading

On the Road Again

I’m heading out to another conference this weekend.  This time it’s the Canfitpro Toronto International Conference. I’m pretty excited to get some serious learning in, and meet some cool fitness professionals. Since I’m busy getting packed and ready to go, here’s a post from Elsbeth Vaino, via the PTDC that … Keep reading

What I’m Reading Today

I seem to be on mental vacation this week, and can’t seem to find the time to clean my house, let alone update my blog.  Here are some links awesome people writing some fantastic posts:   There are times when we think that what we’re doing to train is the … Keep reading

Never Stop Coaching to Learn, Never Stop Learning to Coach

Lately, I’ve been listening to John Berardi talk about nutritional coaching.  He’s a super smart guy who has some great ideas about nutrition, fitness and behavioural compliance. At the end of his last video, he gives this tip: “Never stop coaching to learn and never stop learning to coach.” I love … Keep reading