How to Have a Great Game: The Calm Before the Storm

The Venus Fly Tramps and I have a whirlwind July.  Three weekends in a row, three very challenging teams (one weekend down, two to go – thanks QCRG!).  It’s  a marathon, but we’re ready for it.  Why are we ready?  Preparation. Game preparation doesn’t just happen on game day – here’s how … Keep reading

What I Learned At: The Perform Better Functional Training Summit: Part Two – The Touchy Feely Stuff

In part one, I talked about the mechanics that were discussed at the summit.  There were a lot of smart people with a lot of knowledge to share.  But it wasn’t all prime movers and primal patterns, there were some awesome lessons about life and business to be had.  Which … Keep reading

How To Blow Off Your Workout (Without Derailing Your Training)

There are some days when we just can’t find the time to train.  It happens to all of us, even when we have a schedule.  Part of setting yourself up to succeed is accepting that there will be times when things go awry.  There will be days when, despite your … Keep reading


(I’ve been talking a lot about goal-achievement lately.  Seems that’s all you can talk about when you have goals that you’re trying to realize.  It’s like when you’ve decided what sort of new car you’re going to buy and then you can’t stop seeing that particular car on the road … Keep reading