Shrinking the Change

Last week, I talked about not having time to train.  I gave some quick and dirty solutions – that’s all you need, right?  Just some ideas and you’re good to go?  And you’ll keep it up? Not always. Often when people say that they don’t have time to train (or … Keep reading

“But I Just Don’t Have Time To Train!”

I hear this line ALL THE TIME. And, people, I hear you.  We lead busy lives – we have jobs, some of us have kids, we make it to practice, and do our league jobs.  Where can we even find the time for the off-skates training that we need? I’m … Keep reading

Derby on our Doorstep

Tomorrow through Sunday, my league, Tri-City Roller Derby, will be hosting the very first WFTDA Playoff tournament to be held outside of the United States. That’s pretty darn cool.   The even cooler thing about the K-W tournament is that we have teams from 3 countries (Canada, US, and Germany) travelling to play. … Keep reading

My Day at the Fitness Conference

Every August, I go to the CanFitPro conference – the largest fitness conference in Canada held by their major certifying body.  This year I chose to save my time and money and just went to the trade show.  I don’t think I made a poor choice. Fitness conferences and trade … Keep reading

Summertime, Gettin’ to Derby Ain’t Easy

Ah summer, time for beaches and patios and gardening and weekend get-aways. What’s that?  You can’t because you have derby practice? What’s a dedicated skater to do?  Waste all this wonderful weather in a sweaty arena?  Ignore those summer jobs around the house, even though you’re not really bouting again … Keep reading

What StrongFirst and Roller Derby Have in Common

Many times in this blog, I’ve mentioned my dual love of roller derby and hardstyle kettlebell training, but I’ve never really dissected why I think the two are a good fit. What does StrongFirst kettlebell training have in common with Roller Derby? Both celebrate (really) strong women. “At StrongFirst, we … Keep reading

Bout Day Bites

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about nutrition to fuel your game (and practice days) and covered the basics about when and what to eat. What I didn’t do is post any *actual food* suggestions, so that’s what today’s quickie post is about. What do you bring with you … Keep reading

Fuel Your Game: Basic Nutrition for Busy Derby Skaters

It’s that time again: crazy-derby-every-weekend-season!  Most of us are probably bouting this weekend or, at the very least, recovering from last weekend’s bout.  In this whirlwind of activity – between practices, travel time, and pre-bout meetings – sometimes our well-planned athletic nutrition can go awry. I’m here with ten quick … Keep reading

Strong Communities, Stronger Learning

Over the years, I’ve joined a variety of interest-based communities – the StrongFirst community, the NKT Scholar community, the Precision Nutrition community and, of course,  the derby community.  Each of these communities bring something unique to my life and learning. Derby is a prime example of community building in action … Keep reading