Strength Standards: My Love Letter to NRG

I’m back from Beach Brawl, and had the chance to watch some incredible derby.  One team that really stood out – and has been standing out in the WFTDA for a while now – was Nashville.  It wasn’t just their level of play that was impressive, it was their commitment to … Keep reading

What I’m Reading This Week: Leaving on a Jet Plane Edition

Just a quick one this week, since I’m jetting off to (hopefully somewhat) sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Beach Brawl! Sun, sand, and super-amazing derby – what more could a girl want? This ginger, whose skin tone varies from neon-white to pinkish, will likely be staying away from the first … Keep reading

Do The Work: My Path to StrongFirst

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Bang Fitness in Toronto to participate in a StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell certification. I am beyond excited.  And a little bit (or rather a huge, massive, heaving bit) scared.  I have trained all year for this weekend.  I have followed a meticulous training schedule (thanks … Keep reading

Rocking the “Big Rocks” of Weight Training

Most of you know that I’m a big fan of Booty Quake (from the other TCRG) and the awesome content she posts on Roller Derby Athletics.  She always has fantastic videos, gives great advice, and really cares about the conditioning of roller derby skaters. Well, since Booty is jet-setting around … Keep reading

Sex and Sports and Fitness, Oh My! (Part One)

A recent article in the Daily Mail caught my eye.  I’m not on the Twitter, so I didn’t see any of it first hand, but 15th seeded French tennis player Marion Bartoli, who won June 6th’s Wimbledon final, was trolled like crazy on Twitter after winning the championship. The trolls … Keep reading

What I Learned At: The CanFitPro Conference 2013

It’s that time of year again.  Last weekend, I attended the Canfitpro International Fitness and Club Business Conference.  It was their 20th anniversary, and it was massive.  Allegedly, there were 15,000 people through the doors for the conference and trade show.  I am inclined to believe it after some of the … Keep reading

Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart (or Your Tib/Fib)

Maybe it’s just bad timing.  Maybe it’s just bad luck.  Maybe the stars have aligned in an unfavourable way, but something is up with my derby peeps these days. They all seem to be breaking their bones.  No joke – 3 people that I know personally all had ankle or … Keep reading

On the Road Again: How to Survive a Derby Road Trip

We’re in the height of derby season, and what does that mean?  Derby road trips!  In fact, I’m headed out on one myself (Quebec City, here we come!). Derby road trips are amazing.  They’re fun, they’re a great way to bond with your teammates (as Joy Collision says shared biological … Keep reading

Game Face

We have a big game this Saturday.  A BIG game.  A game my team has been preparing to win for years.  As such, I thought a pre-game tip was in order. So we’re clear, my team LOVES smiling.  We’re all sort of hippies, who like to bake and get along … Keep reading