How to Have a Great Game: After the Storm

We’ve talked about getting ready for a game, and game day – let’s talk about what to do after the game, an essential part of preparation that is often overlooked. Recovery is not just the icing on the cake as far as performance goes – it’s a key ingredient for … Keep reading

How to Have a Great Game: The Calm Before the Storm

The Venus Fly Tramps and I have a whirlwind July.  Three weekends in a row, three very challenging teams (one weekend down, two to go – thanks QCRG!).  It’s  a marathon, but we’re ready for it.  Why are we ready?  Preparation. Game preparation doesn’t just happen on game day – here’s how … Keep reading

What I Learned At: The Perform Better Functional Training Summit: Part Two – The Touchy Feely Stuff

In part one, I talked about the mechanics that were discussed at the summit.  There were a lot of smart people with a lot of knowledge to share.  But it wasn’t all prime movers and primal patterns, there were some awesome lessons about life and business to be had.  Which … Keep reading

What I Learned At: The Perform Better Functional Training Summit: Part One – The Sciencey Learny Stuff

I’m home!  Sorry for the blogging hiatus – this one will be a long one to make up for it, so strap in and read on. Chicago was amazing – what a beautiful, clean, energy-packed city.  Great food, friendly people, I highly suggest a visit. Perform Better was pretty much the … Keep reading

What I Learned At: Atom Skate Academy

I’m going to be attending a whole bunch of conferences, camps and seminars this summer.  Each time I attend a new event, I’m going to break down what I learned here on the blog. To start things off, I spent this past weekend in an arena with a bunch of hot, … Keep reading

What Condition Is Your Conditioning In?

Off-skates Conditioning – The new, hip thing in derby?  Something we should have been doing all along? Some benefits – It helps us to be faster and stronger on and off the track.  It helps us feel comfortable in our own skin, and gets us to know our bodies better.  … Keep reading

Roller Derby Saved My Soul (but hurt my knees, and back, and shoulder…)

First, let’s get one thing out of the way – roller derby is awesome.  It brings together a super-cool community of skaters, refs, production staff, volunteers and fans.  It gives us new-found confidence, fitness, fearlessness and friends.  It is a great, great sport and I love it. What I don’t … Keep reading

Staying on Track: Four Simple Steps

So, you’ve gotten started.  You’ve taken that leap of faith and tried something new.  Now the question is – how do you stay started?  How do you keep rolling with the good choice that you’ve made? The answer, for me at least, is to keep it simple.  Here are the four steps … Keep reading