What is Hardstyle Kettlebell training?

Kettlebells are basically cast iron cannon balls with handles.  Their first use dates back to Russia in the 1700’s.  Pavel Tsatsouline brought them into popular consciousness in the North American market, first through the RKC, then StrongFirst.  Hardstyle kettlebell training uses the Russian style of training, focusing on making you powerful, lean, strong, resilient, and explosive.

You can use hardstyle training to get very strong anywhere, any time.

Why do I need that?

Not only is hardstyle training totally badass – it will fight against having a “bad ass”.  The swing, the foundation of hardstyle training, is an active attack on the deskbound posture that many of us spend our days in.  Hardstyle teaches you to engage your core, turn on your posterior chain, and root yourself in strength.

Will we only use kettlebells?

We’ll use any and every tool that will get you closer to achieving your goals.  Including, but not limited to: bodyweight, free weights, barbells, kettlebells, TRX, resistance bands, and beyond!

Do I have to lift weights?

You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.  That said, we’ll plan together, talk it through, and work progressively to get you accomplishing things you never thought possible.

Why do you train in small groups?

Small groups, typically 2-4 people, are awesome.  They lead to better results – here’s how: small groups give you built in accountability, your own cheerleaders, and a community to support your healthy lifestyle.  Plus, small groups are more economical.  You still get personalized attention, all the guidance you need, plus some new friends to help you along.

But I really want one-on-one training!

There’s a time for one-on-one.  We can definitely arrange personal sessions if that’s what will suit you best.  Contact me to set it up!

Do you train large groups?

Absolutely!  We offer large group training, you can find the dates on our Events page.  Large groups are typically 10-15 people.  Large group training is a great way to work on the basics, in a super fun setting, with progressions and regressions to suit your individual fitness level.

Can you train my whole team?

Sure can!  Drop me a line, and we’ll come up with a conditioning plan that will make your team a lean, mean machine.

Can I just drop in on a training session?

Short answer: No.  Long answer: At How We Roll, we care deeply about your individual history, goals, and challenges.  To best address all of those things, we need to assess you before choosing the best structure to get you the results you want.  Assessments are ALWAYS free – so even if How We Roll isn’t a fit for you, you’ll go back into the world with some tools to get you started.

What about food? Do you offer nutritional help?

When you want a healthy lifestyle, your nutrition is key!  I’m a certified Precision Nutrition coach – the cornerstone of Precision Nutrition is developing sustainable healthy habits.  In our nutritional counseling packages, we’ll take a look at what your current challenges are and design a program that meets you where you’re at.  We also work with nutritionists, for those with special dietary concerns.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy is the industry standard, 24 hours.  Obviously, there are sometimes circumstances beyond your control and we’ll deal with those on a case-by-case basis.  If you think you might miss a session, you’re better to cancel and try to reschedule so that someone else can benefit from that time slot.

Why should I choose you?

You have to trust your coach.  You have to like your coach.  You have to engage with your coach.  I promise to work my tail off to encourage those qualities when we work together.  I’ll listen to you, nurture you, and give you a kick in the ass when you need one.  If you’re ready to be more awesome, I’m ready to help.

Do you ever wear sleeves?

No.  No, I don’t.