Shrinking the Change

Last week, I talked about not having time to train.  I gave some quick and dirty solutions – that’s all you need, right?  Just some ideas and you’re good to go?  And you’ll keep it up? Not always. Often when people say that they don’t have time to train (or … Keep reading


It’s tough to get to the gym, right? It’s even tougher to make healthy food choices, mm-hm? That’s the messaging that we’re used to.  That fitness is hard, and requires constant self-denial and monitoring. In an evolutionary sense, fitness is a biological imperative.  Oxford defines it (in the biological sense) … Keep reading

Fuel Your Game: Basic Nutrition for Busy Derby Skaters

It’s that time again: crazy-derby-every-weekend-season!  Most of us are probably bouting this weekend or, at the very least, recovering from last weekend’s bout.  In this whirlwind of activity – between practices, travel time, and pre-bout meetings – sometimes our well-planned athletic nutrition can go awry. I’m here with ten quick … Keep reading

I Hate Mornings (or, How I Eat and Get Out the Door Without Becoming a Monster)

  Garfield and I have a couple of things in common. First off, we both hate mornings. Secondly, we both love lasagna. Unfortunately (fortunately), now that I am a grown-up and am committed to building my business, I need to free up some extra time. And when better to do … Keep reading

Change – It’s What’s For Dinner!

So, I’ve ordered (and received, super quick!) the Precision Nutrition certification course.  I’ve been loving the way the Dr. Berardi thinks, speaks, and educates about nutrition.  I can’t wait to get started! Nutrition, portion control, and healthy eating habits have been a lifelong interest of mine, mostly because I find … Keep reading