What StrongFirst and Roller Derby Have in Common

Many times in this blog, I’ve mentioned my dual love of roller derby and hardstyle kettlebell training, but I’ve never really dissected why I think the two are a good fit. What does StrongFirst kettlebell training have in common with Roller Derby? Both celebrate (really) strong women. “At StrongFirst, we … Keep reading

Do The Work: My Path to StrongFirst

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Bang Fitness in Toronto to participate in a StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell certification. I am beyond excited.  And a little bit (or rather a huge, massive, heaving bit) scared.  I have trained all year for this weekend.  I have followed a meticulous training schedule (thanks … Keep reading

What I Learned At: The HKC Certification Course

First the exciting news: I’m HKC certified!  I attended the Toronto Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification course on December the 2nd, and despite having what ended up being pneumonia, I passed my exam and got my certification!  The pneumonia, of course, has meant this incredibly long blogging hiatus, and a ridiculous amount … Keep reading